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Facebook adds adverts to news feeds

Facebook adds adverts to news feeds
Facebook likes money

Featured stories are set to invade your Facebook news feed as the social network rolls out more intrusive advertising.

It's not all completely awful though, since you'll only be seeing adverts from brands whose official page you've liked.

Theoretically that should mean you don't see any adverts you're not actually interested in, but you may want to go and unlike Heinz Baked Beans and anything else you liked in a semi-ironic fashion.

Word games

What's more, advertisers won't be able to add to the posts once they're in your news feed.

However, it's only set to grow more and more obvious that you're receiving adverts on the site - for now, you'll only see one ad per day, but this is set to grow.

The wording is a little ambiguous, though - using 'featured' rather than 'sponsored' makes each advert sound more editorial than advertorial.

Facebook defended the move, saying, "We are using the term 'featured' because we want to make it clear to people that they're seeing content from a Page or person they have chosen to connect to."