Chinese state media accuses Google of political agenda

Chinese state media accuses Google of having a political agenda

Chinese state media outlets have accused Google of having a political agenda in 'groundlessly accusing the Chinese government' of supporting hacking attacks, it emerged this week.

In a commentary signed by three Xinhua writers, the Chinese state news agency attempted to defend the government's web censorship, which Google has cited as a reason it may quit China.

Google versus China

"Regrettably, Google's recent behaviors show that the company not just aims at expanding business in China, but is playing an active role in exporting culture, value and ideas," read the Chinese report.

"It is unfair for Google to impose its own value and yardsticks on Internet regulation to China, which has its own time-honored tradition, culture and value."

We expect to hear more news on whether or not Google will pull out of China in the coming days.

The Xinhua commentary added: "In fact, no country allows unrestricted flow on the Internet of pornographic, violent, gambling or superstitious content, or content on government subversion, ethnic separatism, religious extremism, racialism, terrorism and anti-foreign feelings.

"Whether it [Google] leaves or not, the Chinese government will keep its Internet regulation principles unchanged. One company's ambition to change China's Internet rules and legal system will only prove to be ridiculous.

"And whether leaving or not, Google should not continue to politicalize itself, as linking its withdrawal to political issues will lose Google's credibility among Chinese netizens."

Via Reuters