BT messaging mishap sends users' emails to one guy's inbox

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BT, making email mistakes.

If you're a BT customer and you sent an email on Tuesday afternoon, chances are it went to one Steve Webb. The telco has confirmed that a host of outgoing messages were accidentally forwarded to a single email address for three hours until the problem was fixed.

The unlucky account in question was - according to BT that's a test account that doesn't actually belong to a customer, but The Register reports there is a real life Steve Webb working for one of BT's contractors.

As you might expect, the inbox was completely overwhelmed and started bouncing emails back, which is why so many of BT's customers were suddenly introduced to the name Steve Webb and his innocuous-looking email address.

Worldwide Webb

A testing or maintenance mistake seems to have been the root cause of the issue but it could've been a lot worse: imagine a real Steve Webb sifting through all your messages and finding out your plans for the weekend and your real opinion of your cousins.

"A small number of customers reported an issue sending emails earlier," BT told The Register. "Sorry about this, it's fixed now. The mailbox in the delivery failure notification was for internal/test use and appeared in error, sorry for any confusion that caused."

It's not been the best of years for BT so far: the company's broadband network went down at the start of February and how Steve Webb has been getting more emails than he really should. The telco will be hoping the rest of 2016 passes without any unfortunate incidents.

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