Open up new ways of working with BT Infinity for business

Your business will be able to work quicker and faster with BT Infinity for business
Your business will be able to work quicker and faster with BT Infinity for business

Thanks to BT Infinity for business you can now experience the new benchmark in business broadband so you can get in the internet fast lane.

BT Infinity for business means you'll be able to upload and download information at speeds more than eight times faster than the average UK broadband.

Get more done

Faster broadband can boost your productivity – everyone in your organisation will be able to work faster and more efficiently with BT Infinity for business, whether you email large documents, need to upload large images or use multiple web applications simultaneously.

Work when and how you want to

Does your broadband slow at peak times? It's a thing of the past with BT Infinity for business. There'll be no more afternoon slowdowns with a guaranteed speed of 16Mb for your workplace. And with such great broadband speeds, video conferencing or Voice over IP (VoIP) is a breeze – no more buffering or stuttering.

Download as much as you need

BT Infinity for business comes with a generous 100GB usage allowance, meaning you can download huge amounts of data throughout the day and night. And should you want the peace of mind provided by unlimited bandwidth, that's no problem; it's just £5 extra per month.

Get connected on the move

Signing your workplace up to BT Infinity for business will enable you to get online even when you're outside of the office – you get unlimited Wi-Fi with access to 4 million hotspots around the UK as part of your broadband package.

We'll install it for you

You won't need to wrestle over installing BT Infinity for business yourself – one of our engineers will pop round to install your free new BT business Hub. The new hub uses our best ever wireless signal using 'N' technology - designed to detect and avoid Wi-Fi interference and top security as standard Wi-Fi Protected Setup, making it easy to set up a secure wireless network.

It's energy efficient too –running on half the power of an energy-efficient light bulb and it automatically saves power when you're not using it.

Need more help?

We provide 24 hour, 7 day freephone support for BT Infinity for business and you can rest assured you're able to call our dedicated business team at any time for help. You'll also get preferential fault handling in the unlikely case of any problem.

It's time to see what BT Infinity for business can do in your workplace.

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