Blinkx tries to make sense of web on TV

Blinkx and you'll miss it - web service to be in set-top boxes
Blinkx and you'll miss it - web service to be in set-top boxes

Internet video search engine Blinkx has announced a new deal with Miniweb, which will see the service integrated into UK set-top boxes.

With the proliferation of video content on the web, Blinkx will act as a mediator so you can look for additional content on the web through your web-connected set-top box like never before.

While Miniweb is not a household name, its software can be found in Sky's set-top boxes. This came about after a contract with Sky last year. Incidentally, Miniweb is run by former Sky executive Ian Valentine.

The software manages Sky's alternative to the Red Button – its TV Key system. It's unknown, however, if we will see Blinkx appear anytime soon on the Sky platform.

Enable personalised online video

Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, Blinkx, had this to say about the link-up: "Combining broadcast and broadband TV will provide audiences with access to an incredibly rich and diverse universe of video content.

"As the leader in video search, Blinkx is ideally suited to help viewers navigate this universe, both through search and through recommendations. Miniweb is a true visionary in the Interactive TV space and we're thrilled to be included as part of its platform to help enable personalised online video and give viewers access to a wide range of additional entertainment through their TVs."

On its website, Blinkx boasts of having 5 million hours of online audio and video indexed on its site, so it will be interesting to see how the technology will be used by set-top box manufacturers.

Marc Chacksfield

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