Art prints that double up as last-generation Wi-Fi access points

Look! It's a picture. But it is also a last-gen Wi-Fi access point.

The technology industry's hedgerow is littered with the detritus of bad ideas, and here's another one to add to the growing pile - expensive art prints that double-up as Wi-Fi access points.

The latest fail comes from a company called Solwise, who confidently proclaim that their new over-priced Wi-Fi access points are nothing less than the point "where Art meets Technology".

Oil Painting Wireless Access

Solwise's "NET-WL-CPE-CTIV2450 Oil Painting Wireless Access Point" is described as having a "discreet design yet powerful performance" and as being "ideal for hotels looking to provide Wi-Fi access to guests".

The product is also described as "a well disguised access point to prevent theft or just to not stand out in your room" with Solwise offering two versions of the paintings and promising more to come soon.

In addition to a fundamentally flawed concept, the tech features of the product are also lacking, with Solwise's "Oil Painting Access Points" supporting the "802.11b wireless standard and the quicker 802.11g standard".

So no 802.11n support then? £106.36 from Solwise, for backwards-thinking hoteliers the world over...