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Intel 11th Gen processors takes the fight to AMD with 5.0GHz speeds

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Intel (opens in new tab) has announced a pair of new U-series chips, one of which will be the series' first 5GHz processor (opens in new tab).

The U-series is Intel’s low voltage chips, and the company had already announced the 11th Gen Tiger Lake (opens in new tab)-powered lineup for the series back in September 2020.

However Intel has now taken to the stage at Computex 2021 (opens in new tab) to unveil the new top-of-the-line Core i5-1155G7 and the Core i7-1195G7. 

While the Core i5-1155G7 donned the mantle of being Intel’s most powerful Core i5-level chip, the i7-1195G7 becomes the first low-powered chip that can be cranked up to 5Ghz.

Low-power performance

Like the initial Tiger Lake U-series processors, both of the new chips operate between the 12W to 28W range. 

Both new chips will reportedly be available in four core/eight thread configurations, and will be paired with Intel’s Iris Xe (opens in new tab) integrated graphics. 

Acer (opens in new tab), Asus (opens in new tab), and HP (opens in new tab) have been announced as some of the first hardware vendors who’ll offer laptops based on the new Tiger Lake processors later this year.

Along with the new processors, Intel has also announced its latest pluggable 5G (opens in new tab) modem solution, which it has developed in collaboration with Mediatek. 

The new M.2 card modem is called the Intel 5G Solution 5000 and will offer sub-6GHz 5G support and integrated eSIM technology. Intel has announced that the upcoming range of laptops with the new Tiger Lake U-Series processors will also include the Intel 5G Solution 5000. 

  • This year, Computex is going virtual, but we'll still be bringing you all the breaking computing news and launches as they happen, so make sure you check out all of TechRadar's Computex 2021 coverage.

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