Intel Core i9-11900K leak suggests a seriously fast CPU

Intel Core i9-10900K
(Image credit: Future)

Intel’s Core i9-11900K, the purportedly incoming 8-core flagship of its next-gen Rocket Lake processors, has been spotted in another leaked benchmark.

This one is a Geekbench result posted on Twitter (as spotted by VideoCardz), and it shows the 11900K with a boost speed of 5.3GHz – which matches what we witnessed in another leak a couple of weeks ago.

As ever with leaked benchmarks, treat this with a healthy amount of skepticism, but the Core i9-11900K (in a Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master motherboard) recorded a single-core result of 1,892 and a multi-core tally of 10,934.

Those are some seriously impressive figures, particularly the single-core where the 11900K beats out the 10900K Comet Lake flagship by around 35%, no less, going by the benchmarks flagged up for comparison by VideoCardz. And both these Intel chips are level-pegging in multi-core, which again is impressive seeing as the 10900K is a 10-core product, and has a pair more cores to work with.

Furthermore, looking at the 11900K results here in comparison to AMD’s Ryzen 5800X (also an 8-core CPU), Intel’s chip was 13% faster in single-core, and 5% quicker in multi-core.

Bear in mind the usual caveats about leaks, and not reading too much into a single benchmark, especially not a pre-release one – but on the latter point, there’s also the possibility that the final performance of the 11900K could be even better.

Price matters

When it comes to the overall picture, a lot will depend on exactly where Intel decides to pitch the new Rocket Lake CPUs – which are rumored to be launching in March – in terms of their pricing, but the latest speculation we’ve heard on that front sounds quite positive. It’s possible that the 11900K may come in at a cheaper level than the Comet Lake flagship, and that would certainly make for strong competition for AMD.

VideoCardz also pointed out a Geekbench leak for the Core i7-11700K, which will also run with 8-cores according to the rumor mill, and achieved single-core and multi-core results of 1,551 and 8,849 respectively.

That’s around 8% and 18% slower than the Ryzen 5800X, but note that the 11700K is pegged at a boost speed of 4.4GHz in this benchmark, so obviously this doesn’t represent the full capabilities of that chip (the 10700K boosts up to 5.1GHz).

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