Intel Architecture Day 2018 promises talks about next-gen CPUs

Intel Architecture Day 2018

Intel is gearing up for an Architecture Day to talk all about its next-generation processor architectures.

The chipmaker has reportedly been sending out physical invites pointing to an Intel Architecture Day that will land on Tuesday, December 11 according to HotHardware. The event will be purportedly broken out into a morning session about Intel’s “Architecture Strategy” followed by afternoon breakout sessions on “Advanced Client and Data Centric Architectures and Technologies.”

Out of all of this we’re most interested in the talks about Intel’s Architectural Strategy and how the company plans to move forward after the introduction of 9th Generation processors. We’re hoping to get some answers about the brand’s long-awaited Cannon Lake 10nm CPUs.

If recent rumors are true about a new 10-core Comet Lake CPU, it’ll also be interesting to see how Team Blue justifies creating yet another 14nm chip.

Intel Architecture Day 2018

Image Credit: HotHardware

But what about graphics cards?

Of course, our biggest question is whether Intel will touch on the development of its new discrete graphics card. For the most part, Intel has been sending mixed messages about whether GPUs will be even be part of the discussion.

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Raja Koduri, Intel’s recently acquired Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Systems and Graphics Architect team, has only said Intel’s Architecture Day isn’t dGPU day. Meanwhile, another tweet from Intel’s Graphics division has said that they’re working on a session to answer reader questions from HotHardware.

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Intel has yet to confirm anything specifically on the agenda of its Architecture Day, so we’ll have to sit tight until next month. Of course, you can expect us to report on any hot new developments come December 11.

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