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The customer relationship management (CRM) company HubSpot has announced that it will acquire The Hustle in an effort to provide its customers with additional content.

The Hustle is a media company which produces a newsletter, podcast and premium research content. By acquiring the firm, HubSpot will be able to offer its community of scaling companies valuable content across a broader range of topics and a more diverse set of media.

SVP of marketing at HubSpot, Kieran Flanagan revealed in a press release that the acquisition came about as a result of the company's customers looking for news and trends across new forms of media, saying:

“For many customers, their first introduction to HubSpot is through our educational blog, Academy, and YouTube content, not our software. More recently, our customers have started to seek out news and trends-based content across new forms of media like podcasts, newsletters, and research. By acquiring The Hustle, we'll be able to better meet the needs of these scaling companies by delivering educational, business, and tech trend content in their preferred formats." 

Content push

Since its founding in 2006, HubSpot has built a large community around its education content with 7m people reading its blogs each month and hundreds of thousands viewing its videos on YouTube. At the same time, more than 100,000 people take lessons every month on HubSpot Academy and over 300,000 users have received a HubSpot certification.

The Hustle on the other hand was started more recently in 2015 and the company began sending out its daily email to readers the following year. The company also has a subscription platform called Trends and a podcast called My First Million which give entrepreneurs the insights, data and best practices they need to scale their companies.

Founder of The Hustle Sam Parr explained how the acquisition will allow the company to take its mission to the next level, saying:

“I started The Hustle with the mission to help give business builders the information they needed to put their dent into the world and change how media companies operate. By joining the HubSpot team, we’ll take that mission to the next level to build the best business content networks in the world. I know the HubSpot team shares our commitment to creating high quality content to help companies scale, and I can’t wait to get started.”

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