How Brunel's bridge is helping Gigaclear connect rural homes to 1Gb broadband

Gigaclear installing broadband at Clifton Suspension Bridge

UK broadband provider Gigaclear is on a mission to connect rural towns and villages that otherwise can’t get access to high-speed internet. 

As part of that campaign it is now using Bristol's 19th century Clifton Suspension Bridge - based on designs by Isambard Kingdom Brunel - to deliver speedy 1Gb broadband internet to otherwise disconnected rural villages.

The Gigaclear Fibre-to-the-Premises technology means some of the fastest internet in the world is available to some of the UK's most remote homes. Gigaclear claims that the broadband it supplies is 26 times faster than the national average.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge project is the first time a utilities provider has used the bridge since 1935, allowing Gigaclear to expand its footprint and meaning villages and towns in North Somerset will be able to experience the ultrafast broadband as early as September this year.

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