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Honda announces a smart new e-scooter that balances itself - It's named Striemo

Striemo is an e-scooter from Honda
(Image credit: Honda)
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Honda, which is of course a big name in cars and bikes, is also focusing its energies on micro-mobility (short commutes, rides in suburbs and in-campus drives). It has announced a dedicated micro-mobility business called Striemo Inc, which is the second business venture to originate from 'Ignition', Honda’s new business creation program.  

Striemo has already developed a one-person electric micro-mobility product, a three-wheeled scooter, under its own name. The new scooter features a balance assist mechanism that enables stable riding with less likelihood of falling through its entire speed range, from walking slowly to riding a bicycle. Honda said Striemo will be on sale in Japan before the end of this year, and in Europe in 2023.

Features in Striemo

Honda has not revealed the details of the balancing feature, which is likely to be gyroscopic. But Striemo will come in three speed modes with maximum speeds of 6km, 15km and 25km. Honda claimed a range of up to 30 km in one full charge, and the time taken for one full-charge is 3.5 hours. Striemo, which weighs 20 kg, has a load capacity of 120 kg.

The version of this scooter is treated as a Class 1 motorized bicycle under current regulations in Japan and requires a license, helmet, license plate registration, and liability insurance. In other countries, local laws needs to be verified. Strimeo is also working on an app to go with the vehicle. But it is still to be unveiled. 

Striemo scooter can be folded, and could be easily rolled along on its two rear wheels. Honda is silent on the vehicle's battery. But the company is part of the ‘Swappable Batteries Consortium' involving, among others, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha. Honda has also no detailed the pricing of the new e-vehicle.

Yotaro Mori, Co-Founder & CEO of Striemo Inc said: "I developed Striemo based on my desire to enable a greater number of people to experience such fun and my challenging spirit to create a means of transportation which lets anyone go out more spontaneously just like putting on our shoes to go out."

He added his goal is to make Striemo one of the most commonly used mobility products in people's everyday lives around the world.

Honda's Ignition program, which made the vehicle possible, backs original technologies, ideas and designs of Honda associates. The program was started in 2017, and in 2021, Ashirase Inc, which is into shoe-mounted IoT device and navigation app, was established as its first business venture.

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