What could GoPro be doing with an ex-HBO hire?


GoPro has hired Bill McCullough, who used to work as vice president of creative development and operations over at HBO Sports and he has original content on his mind.

According to Variety, McCullough, who has 11 Emmy's under his belt, is now GoPro's executive producer for the company's team sports and motor sports channels.

GoPro, which has channels on YouTube, Xbox One and Facebook, amongst others, has so far only really been focused on promo videos for its own products, and has more recently seen a push into the virtual reality world with 360-degree videos and camera rigs.

But with this new hire, we can only assume GoPro will be taking on the strategies of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, with more of a focus on original content.

"To start, short form will be the focus," McCullough told Variety, adding, however, "I would not rule out that there is longer form pieces in the future."

But don't expect to see HBO-style content from GoPro, with McCullough saying "The camera itself really breaks down so many barriers."

After all, with a GoPro, you can stick a camera right on an athlete to capture the action from his or her perspective in a completely different way to traditional TV productions.

And in case you were questioning if GoPro even wants to be winning Emmy awards for its content, McCullough told the publication, "I'm looking forward to those days when GoPro is at the Emmys."