IMAX: There's nothing wrong with 3D conversions

IMAX: There's nothing wrong with 3D conversions
IMAX - we'll fix it in post

Post converted 3D can be as good as the real thing, according to IMAX, and that it's the quality of the filmmaking that should determine the quality of the 3D.

This is according to Julian Stanford, general manager, theatre development, IMAX, who was speaking at the PEVE conference in London, with TechRadar in attendance.

In a panel about 3D and the effect it is having on cinemas and the home, Stanford backed post-conversion 3D and said we all should too.

Good results

"There is no reason why converting 3D in post production, whether you do it 30 years later or a day later, should produce a bad result," Stanford explained. "It is possible to get very good results from the post production process."

He did note that full-fat 3D is preferable but post-production technology as it is means that more films can embrace the format.

"It is perhaps better to have 3D in the beginning right from the storyboard phase but there are examples of many post-converted scenes where you would not be able to tell the difference," said Stanford.

"I'm sure Titanic will be as good as any, given Cameron's understanding of 3D. But on the other hand, there have been some pretty poor 3D films."

And there's also been Clash Of The Titans...

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