Monitor Audio announces new Radius HD series

Nonitor Audio's new Radius HD range
Nonitor Audio's new Radius HD range

British audio manufacturer Monitor Audio has unveiled its latest updates to its Radius HD speaker series.

The company, which in its own words has been "representing the epitome of British loudspeaker design for 25 years" is offering a variety of setups.

The first is a pair of floor-standing speakers. Called the R270HD, each speaker comprises a one-inch Gold C-CAM tweeter, and mountains of tech that increases clarity and lessens distortion of whatever sounds you play through them.

Surround sound

Also released is the R45HD. These 'ultra compact' speakers are said to be ideal for those with space issues (they measure a mere 100mm square) and come with a 3-inch MMPII cone mid-bass driver and a 3/4-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeters.

Finally, for those who want surround sound but without the mess, there's the 'R one HD sound-bar'.

Position it under your flatscreen TV and you will be blessed with near-surround sound quality audio. This is because the sound-bar houses left, centre and right channels in its chassis.

All the audio systems are out now. Price-wise, expect to pay £600 for the R270HD, £180 for a pair fo the R45HD speakers and £450 for the 'R one HD sound-bar'.

Log on to now for more details and the chance to win a home cinema audio setup.


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