World's first DIY high-end speaker system


We'd wager a hefty sum that you've never seen one of these before - a build-it-yourself stereo speaker kit. Moreover, coming from audio specialist Highcraft , the Yosegi-Kit speaker system is guaranteed to produce a quality sound; assuming you can manage to get it together, of course.

The JPY30,000 (£129) set includes all the parts required to build two speakers that output 15W each - wooden enclosures decorated with traditional Hakone Odawara mosaic work, oscillating boards, titanium magnets and the various electronic components that do the spadework.

Highcraft reckons setup should be a breeze as no soldering is required - a saw and a spot of glue are all that's needed - and that the end result is a speaker of as high a quality as its range of conventionally assembled speakers. Just don't glue your keys inside. J Mark Lytle