Here’s what the UK really cared about this year, according to Google

Asking Google for an answer is now second nature, so looking back at what the UK has been searching for this year shows exactly how strange 2016 has been.

The most searched term this year was Euro 2016 closely followed by Pokemon Go, David Bowie, Donald Trump and Prince.

The EU Referendum, Alan Rickman, Olympics, US Election and Deadpool rounded out the top 10 of the year.

Brexit topped the news events this year while the term iPhone was the biggest tech device term.

Other tech devices included the Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, Sky Q and Amazon Fire TV.

Surprisingly the Fitbit Blaze was the only fitness tracker to make it onto the list despite the company launching both the Charge 2 and Flex 2 this year.

The list also included the PlayStation VR as well as the iPad Pro. The most popular “what is” question was "what is Pokemon Go" followed by "what is Brexit" and "what is the single market".

Just Google it

TV sensation The Great British Bake Off had a big impact on Google's searches this year too with jaffa cake, churros, mirror glaze cake, dampfnudel and fougasse all featuring in the food categories.

Toblerone’s size change saw the chocolate top the list of most searched food in 2016 though.

The list also sees the UK broken into a number of cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast and Manchester which all had "what is a coup?" in their top searches. Gulp.

Every listed area in the UK has “What is the Mountain of Butterflies?” as its tenth most popular search, apart from Sheffield where the question clearly wasn’t as popular.

Making a Murderer and Stranger Things - both Netflix productions - took position three and four in the most searched for TV while Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Big Brother were in first and second place.

James Peckham

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