Here's the secret weapon at Peloton that has us all coming back for more

Jennifer Cotter/Peloton
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What makes Peloton Peloton? Sure, the iconic (some would say infamous) television ads and pop culture references have played a role in the company’s success. Well-designed hardware hasn’t hurt, of course, and modern life has certainly steered us towards Peloton: The last few years of working from home has driven demand to record levels, leading to months-long shortages as production scrambled to keep up with public demand for in-home connected fitness gear.

But above all else sits one thing: killer content. And a key part of that is Jennifer Cotter, chief content officer at Peloton. Cotter joined the company in May of 2019, and the former TV and digital media executive has had her work cut out for her in the last two years, as more and more people turned to the fitness app and connected exercise machines to stay in shape while they stayed home. Cotter manages both the New York and London content production teams, shooting fast-paced and inspiring workouts that stream to 6.2 million members. How could the team boost engagement, and keep on inspiring millions? 

The personalities behind the workouts are enormously influential, of course: We’re inspired to sign on as one of #DennisMenaces, join the #LoveSquad, or struggle to keep pace with literally anything Adrian Williams does. But the content goes beyond that: Through Artist Series workouts inspired by musicians and genres, multi-week immersive programs to fight flab or tone torsos, and celebrations of cultural moments such as Pride Week or the recent International Day of Persons with Disabilities, logging into Peloton always feels fresh and vibrant.

That’s why we’ve chosen Cotter as one of the Future 50, a unique awards program in the technology industry meant to recognize 50 key people who are driving innovation in consumer technology, as well as educate Future's 90 million consumers on who is bringing about change and excellence in the consumer tech industry.

From CEOs & executive leadership to product managers, designers and engineers, the Future 50 highlights the best of the world of technology: People who help make technology that improves our lives. 

And for Peloton, that mission comes through clearly: The company just introduced its first adaptive training consultant, Logan Aldridge, head of the Adaptive Training Academy, which aims to lead the way in research-based courses that enable accessible and inclusive fitness training for everyone, regardless of ability. Peloton also added Google’s TalkBack screen reader, so blind or low-vision bikers can enjoy Peloton’s content just as easily as the sighted.

We could go on and on about Cotter and content. But our next class is just about to start….

Jeremy Kaplan
Content Director, TechRadar

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