Here is the best way to get rid of your PS3, PS4 or Xbox game console

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This feature has been brought to you by Decluttr

Remember your first gaming console and the joy of slaying monsters, solving puzzles and racing through improbable vistas? Well, the current crop of gaming consoles offer this and much more thanks to always-on connectivity and communities of tens of millions.

If you have an old gaming console, even if it faulty or no longer in production, you could get a decent payout by using Decluttr, probably the easiest way to sell your games console.

The list of consoles accepted by Decluttr is nothing short of impressive: you get the usual suspects (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) but also a couple of surprising names like Ouya and …. Sega.

So, yes, whether you want to flog a Nintendo Game and Watch, the Sony PSP Street or the Sega Megadrive, Decluttr provides with an elegant and simple way to cash in on unwanted gaming gear.

Selling your way

From the comfort of your house, you will get a guaranteed instant price online and you will usually receive your money one day after it lands at Decluttr’s HQ. If the offer changes in any way, you can take back your gaming console for free; Decluttr will even pay the postage back.

The prices are really competitive - paying over 50% more than GameStop so if you aren't using that console any more and it’s just sitting there gathering dust, go get that valuation! 

Payment is usually done online, to your PayPal account or your bank one but you can also request a check payment or giving away your entire payout to a charity of your choice.

But that’s not all; you won’t have to fork out a single dime when it comes to hidden fees: no need to worry about auction or seller’s fees or postage costs. You will not have to spend ages writing down descriptions and taking accurate pictures of your products as well.

It also removes the risk of selling to a rogue private buyer or having to deal with unexpected issues like listing errors or incorrect product descriptions.

Cashing in on gaming


Decluttr’s web interface is particularly simple to use as it gets you sorted out in just a few steps and works great if you want to sell a pile of products (hat tip: you can add up to 200 products in a box and each order has a limit of 500. Don’t worry if you hit that limit, you can always create another order).

That is particularly true if you want to sell your old console AND a sack load of old games as well.

Beyond the money factor though, Decluttr is one of the best ways to recycle your unwanted gaming console, regardless of its state. Remember that you can send over the hardware for free even if it is non-working and doesn’t come with accessories.

All consoles received are either refurbished for resale or recycled in an environmentally responsible way to dispose of any toxic by-products and materials.

To conclude, Decluttr is fast, easy and free way to sell your gaming consoles, whatever shape or condition they are. Not only will you get a guaranteed instant price, free shipping and fast next day payment, they will also offer one of the best buying prices in the industry. And you’ll certainly agree, it beats having to go out to a store or sell your console privately.

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