Henry Cavill could play Superman again, says report – but in which movie?

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Henry Cavill may return to the role of Superman, according to a new report, but this doesn't mean The Man of Steel 2 is in the works. Deadline says Cavill is in talks to reprise his role of Clark Kent in a couple of ways, though neither apparently involve a standalone movie. 

So what could it be? Deadline floats the idea of Cavill possibly turning up in a cameo role in an upcoming DC movie, like Aquaman or Shazam 2. The original Shazam! clearly made room for a cameo from Cavill's Superman that didn't materialize. 

Either way, it'd be the first time Cavill would reprise the role since 2017's disastrous Justice League film. DC's movies have been on an upwards trajectory since then, with Aquaman somehow making over a billion dollars. 

Cavill's Superman will appear in 2021's Snyder Cut of the Justice League, coming to HBO Max, and recently made a surprise appearance in Snyder's Man of Steel viewing party. Cavill has found significant success as Geralt of Rivia since the release of Justice League in The Witcher on Netflix. 

Whatever happened to Henry Cavill's Superman?

Cavill's version of Superman was never the problem with Snyder's DC movies. The actor got a lot more to do in Man of Steel compared to Batman vs Superman, which shifted focus to Ben Affleck's Batman. Cavill's Superman was a little stiff and cold in both movies, maybe, but that's more to do with the tone of the films than his performance.

If anything, the best parts of The Witcher are when Cavill's Geralt actually gets to be funny. Justice League only scratched the surface of this.

A Man of Steel 2 was planned at some point, with Kingsman's Matthew Vaughn rumored to direct. In 2018, a report circulated that Cavill's Superman wasn't going to appear again. Clearly, something has changed in the meantime.

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