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Intel's Eaglelake-G chipsets due next year

The X38 chipset is Intel's current performance leader and features PCI Express 2.0

Intel is to follow up its current Bearlake G35 and P35 series of consumer chipsets with another release next year codenamed Eaglelake.

DigiTimes reports that the release of the new silicon is pencilled in for the second and third quarters of 2008 while a new Tylersburg-DT platform for high-end systems will follow at the tail end of the year.

What's so special?

Eaglelake-G will be the consumer platform to follow up the G35 and P35 and will include a new 65nm-fabbed southbridge. The series will come either with Intel X4500 integrated graphics (G45) or without, a.ka. the snigger-enticing P45.

As on the recently-released X38 chipset, Eagleake will sport PCI Express 2.0 while there may also be a place for the DisplayPort standard.

Eaglelake-Q chipsets will also be available later in 2008 for the business market.