Google Meet will now rat on you if you're late for a meeting

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Invitees who are yet to join a Google Meet call will now be visible under a new “Also invited” heading, making it easier to see whether all expected participants have joined. 

Also visible from within the video call interface will be the RSVP status of invitees (previously only accessible via Google Calendar), including those whose attendance is considered “optional", further helping to monitor attendance.

It will now be easier to send messages to invitees to check their status too, all from within the Google Meet tab. This is in a bid to help callers using Google’s collaboration tool to save time, by eliminating the need to open a new tab or find another method of contact with no-shows.

"We hope this feature makes it easier for you to start meetings more efficiently by quickly determining who has not joined and sending them a nudge via Chat directly from Meet," explained Google.

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Google Meet features

The rollout of the new feature begins today, 29 June 2022, and is expected to complete within the next two week.

The “Also invited” panel and upgraded Chat options will be available for users in Google Workspace by default, where a Calendar event has been created. Google has confirmed that there are no admin controls for the new features.

The update will be available to all Google Workspace customers, with the exception of Essentials and Enterprise Essentials customers, and personal users.

These changes come less than two weeks after Google announced the addition of picture-in-picture for Meet in Chrome, as the company continues to invest in its video conferencing suite for both personal and business users.

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