Google is getting rid of Instant Search on desktop

Google prides itself on bringing information to its users quickly, but one of the tech giant's speediest search features is on the way out.

Google is phasing out Instant Search, a feature unveiled in 2010 for the desktop version of the all-knowing search engine. Using Instant, potential matches were brought up automatically for what Google anticipated you were looking for – even while you were in the middle of you typing it.

Meant to save slower typists time by completing their search before they finished writing their query, Instant Search's usefulness began to wear thin as more people became technically literate and, more prominently, smartphones took over as the primary client of Google's services.

More phones, more searches

"Since [2010], many more of our searches happen on mobile, with very different input and interaction and screen constraints," a Google representative told TechRadar. 

"With this in mind, we have decided to remove Google Instant, so we can focus on ways to make Search even faster and more fluid on all devices."

By removing what's essentially an auto-search feature on its desktop site, Google hopes to better unify its platforms, not to mention cut costs by dropping an atrophying feature. 

If we're being honest, we don't think many will mourn the end of Instant Search. While speedy, the feature seemed almost too eager to cut us off before we finished typi-

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Parker Wilhelm
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