Good news for Linux movie fans: Firefox now supports Netflix

We can chalk up another win for Linux users today, or at least those who enjoy watching a bit of online video, with the news that heavyweight streaming service Netflix now works on Firefox with the open source OS (and its myriad different flavors).

Linux users have actually been able to watch Netflix for a few years now, since the company began the transition from Microsoft’s Silverlight to HTML5 plugin-free playback across multiple platforms – but only if they were using Chrome.

And of course Chrome isn’t everyone’s favorite browser (and Google isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite company, either).

So the arrival of support for Firefox will be good news for many – and after all, more choice is always better.

Native HTML5 playback came to Firefox on the Windows platform back at the end of 2015, incidentally.


In a blog post, Netflix observed: “Plugin-free playback that works seamlessly on all major platforms helps us deliver compelling experiences no matter how you choose to watch.”

The streaming operator further underlined that it’s looking to launch 4K video on further platforms besides Microsoft’s Edge browser (which gained 4K support at the end of last year), and it’s also “looking ahead to HDR video”.

There are plenty of goodies in the pipeline, then.

If you’re running Linux and want to give the new Netflix on Firefox experience a try, it’s best to make sure you’re running the latest version of the browser (of course, it’s always best to make sure of that anyway, for obvious security reasons).

Of late, we’ve also been observing an impressive increase of pace when it comes to support for major games on Linux.

Via: Betanews

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