GoDaddy partners with Avalara to automate ecommerce sales tax

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Business owners already have a lot to worry about which is why GoDaddy (opens in new tab) has partnered with Avalara to provide its customers with an automated ecommerce sales tax solution.

With fluctuating sales tax rates for over 13,000 US jurisdictions, selling items from an online store (opens in new tab) across the US can be quite difficult. For this reason, GoDaddy has launched its new Websites + Marketing Commerce Plus plan that comes equipped with Avalara AvaTax.

These new sales tax automation features in GoDaddy Online Store free business owners from having to manually track their transaction thresholds for each state they operate in to know if and when they owe sales tax. However, they also log the sales tax rates for each state and keep track of when they change in order to help businesses remain compliant.

VP of commerce products at GoDaddy, Greg Goldfarb explained in a press release (opens in new tab) how the company's new Commerce Plus plan makes it easier for customers to focus on growing their business, saying:

“GoDaddy is increasingly focused on powering growing businesses with connected commerce tools that simplify selling across online stores, point of sale, and ecommerce marketplaces. Dealing with the nuances of differing sales tax regulations as you grow can be a major headache. Commerce Plus is designed to solve this and other challenges that get in the way of taking a small business to the next level.”  

Commerce Plus

Beyond simplifying sales tax, the Commerce Plus plan adds new features to GoDaddy's Online Store including unlimited product listings, higher marketplace order limits and increased email marketing (opens in new tab) campaign sizes.

Entrepreneurs also have the option to pair their Online Store with GoDaddy Payments (opens in new tab) for lower card transaction fees compared to other payment gateways (opens in new tab) at 2.3 percent plus $0.30.

Meanwhile, when combined with AvaTax, GoDaddy Online Store also makes it possible to export sales data instantly to provide businesses with consolidated sales tax liability and exemption reports so they'll be more prepared to file their tax returns (opens in new tab).

GoDaddy's new Commerce Plus plan is available now and costs just $29.99 a month for the first year though it increases to $44.99 per month upon renewal.

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