GoDaddy is letting users turn their smartphones into a POS

pos system being used in a store
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GoDaddy has announced the expansion of its in-person payments methods by allowing users to turn their device into a point of sale (POS) device.

GoDaddy's solution is somewhat novel: unlike Square's physical reader (which connects to an iPhone) or Apple using the iPhone's NFC chip, GoDaddy is using QR codes and its app to let people pay merchants. 

"Without a terminal, dongle, or card reader, small business owners can accept payment using a unique one-time QR code generated on their smartphone via the free GoDaddy Mobile App for a smooth, contactless and quick sale," the company says.

GoDaddy QR pay

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Small fees 

Although perhaps best known for its web hosting services, GoDaddy has been gradually expanding into new spaces over the past few years. 

The company says its point-of-sale tools offer some of the lowest transaction rates in the business, at 2.3% plus 30¢ for QR codes and a flat 2.3% fee for its POS hardware. 

Everything is managed by GoDaddy's Payments app, which helps merchants accept and manage payments from customers, as well as generating the QR codes on-demand. 

"This QR Code offering is just one of the ways GoDaddy continues to innovate in commerce and make taking payments, whether online or in-person, a seamless experience for both our everyday entrepreneur and their customers. ," the company wrote in a blog post.

Competition will be tight: Square, Apple, and others, as well as Stripe for online payments, are all vying for the payments crown. Apple especially has the advantage of controlling the iPhone, a device most merchants likely have already.  

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