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Google's email service (opens in new tab) has reached a new milestone as Gmail (opens in new tab) for Android has now surpassed 10bn installs on the Google Play Store (opens in new tab).

Billions of people around the world currently use the search giant's email app for both their work and personal email accounts especially as it comes pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones (opens in new tab).

Over the years, Google has added new features and functionality to Gmail including the ability to make video calls right within the app through Google Meet (opens in new tab) and more recently, new search filters (opens in new tab) that give mobile users the same tools they have on desktop.

While Gmail has been around for years and has now been installed over 10bn times, Google's other email app, Inbox by Gmail (opens in new tab), launched in 2015 and was shuttered just four years later. However, many of Inbox's ideas eventually found their way into the main Gmail app including the ability to snooze emails, Smart Reply, nudges and high-priority notifications.

Reaching 10bn installs

Gmail is the latest first-party Android app (opens in new tab) to reach 10bn+ installs and it joins the ranks of Google Play services, YouTube and Google Maps which have also reached this milestone.

While Google Play services was the first app to do so back in 2020, it was followed by YouTube last summer and then by Google Maps in November of 2021. Google Chrome (opens in new tab) also crossed the 10bn install threshold as well at the time of writing.

When it comes to the next apps that will reach 10bn installs, both Meta's Facebook app and Google Drive (opens in new tab) are quite close at 5bn+ installs respectively.

Now that Gmail has reached 10bn installs, Google will likely commemorate this milestone in a blog post and we could even see additional features arrive in the company's email app soon.

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