Wolfenstein: The New Order to bring cyber Nazis to PS4 and new Xbox

Wolfenstein The New Order to bring Cyber Nazis to PS4 and new Xbox

Bethesda has announced that its eagerly anticipated Wolfenstein: The New Order will be landing in 2014 for PS4 and

Xbox 720

, as well as the current consoles.

For those who appreciate a bit of gaming heritage, following on from 80s games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D was the title that not only brought first-person shooters to the fore but also catapulted John Carmack and John Romero's id software into the public consciousness.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein served up a decent sequel in 2001, and Bethesda's involvement takes excitement up a notch; expect Nazi soldiers, gore and mysticism. And a probable ban in Germany.

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