Top 10 best 3D console games

While PC gaming has spearheaded the way in terms of pushing new tech developments in 3D gaming, 3D console gaming is sure to come of age in 2011, as more of us invest in new 3D TVs to play the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 games on.

Sony, far more so than Microsoft, has been pushing 3D console gaming as the next big step forward. Yet recent multi-format titles such as the mighty Call of Duty: Black Ops shows that 3D gaming on Xbox 360 has not been totally sidelined by Microsoft, despite the company's PR messaging.


2011 is the year of 3D consoles

"3D gaming has shown signs of life in 2010, but 2011 looks like it's going to be the year where it really kicks off," says Tim Ingham, editor of CVG.

"Killzone 3 is looking particularly impressive in three dimensions, and Uncharted 3 offers immense promise. We're still waiting to hear if other major titles – such as Batman: Arkham City and Infamous 2 – will join them, but you can bet your bottom dollar publishers are saving up plenty of last-minute announcements of this ilk.

"Elsewhere on PS3, you're going to see some 3D re-workings of classic titles such as ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus; both looked on as unfairly 'forgotten gems' by adoring fans - this makeover should help the duo – originally released on PS2 - finally get the credit they deserve."

Console set to lead the 3D pack

Yet it's not ALL about the PlayStation 3. Nintendo's 3DS is sure to also be the 'big news' in 3D gaming early next year, with a load classic SNES and N64 titles revamped in 3D, not least Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and Ingham also notes that "Microsoft is a little quieter on the 3D front, but that doesn't mean Xboxers will miss out – with Crytek recently choosing the 360 to show off its stunning FPS Crysis 2, which will be popping out of screens and into living rooms in March."

3D gaming specialist, Andrew Oliver, from Leamington Spa-based Blitz Games agrees that "consoles will probably display 3D games better than PCs for the average consumer" because "it's easy to plug your PS3 or Xbox 360 into a 3DTV and get the 3D experience exactly as the developer intended it.

"With PCs, while they're more powerful and can render higher resolutions and frame rates, it can be a bit awkward setting them up to work well with new 3DTVs, and you could be missing out on some of the experience that developers intend you to have."

Leading PS3 developer on the 3D future

As far as leading PS3 devs go, Dominic Matthews, Community Manager over at Ninja Theory told 3Dradar: "In November we released our 3D update for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, which enables gamers on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to play both the full game and the downloadable side-story, "Pigsy's Perfect 10", in 3D.

"The update uses TriOviz for Games Technology to bring an even more immersive and encapsulating experience to both 2D and 3D TV owners. 3D TV owners can play in 3D by using their Stereo 3D Active Shutter Glasses, whereas 2D TV players can experience the 3D with the use of TriOviz INFICOLOR 3D Glasses.

"Enslaved is set in a very dangerous post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the earth, making it beautiful but deadly. The bright colours and thriving life shown in Enslaved are in stark contrast to the scenes of brown and grey usually shown in post-apocalyptic worlds, and our 3D update gives gamers the opportunity to delve deeper into this unique world and it's cast of engaging characters."

3D is undeniably impressive

Finally, before we get to that all-important top ten list, Andrew Kelly, Features Editor over at PSM3 magazine is also a big fan of 3D PS3 games such as WipEout HD, Crysis 2, Shadow of the Colossus HD and Ico HD.

"It [3D] won't make your games 'better' but effects like Killzone's HUD 'floating' over the action, and mud kicking up into the screen in MotorStorm, are undeniably impressive," Kelly told 3DRadar.

"And you won't believe how good 3D Blu-ray – now supported on PS3 – looks until you've seen one for yourself."

Top ten top PS3 games out now and soon on console:

1.WipEout HD


2.Killzone 3


3.Motorstorm Apocalypse


4.Crysis 2


5.Gran Turismo 5


6.Shadow of the Colossus HD


7.Ico HD


8. Enslaved


9.Uncharted 3 3D


10.Virtua Tennis 4


Adam Hartley