This is the Game Boy mod to rule all Game Boy mods

Game Boy

We've seen some impressive mods and hacks over the years, but were we to form any sort of ranking system the Game Boy Zero would easily be vying for a top position.

What is it? A classic Game Boy that's had its organs transplanted for a Raspberry Pi (thanks, Sploid!), allowing it to play NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Master System and all Game Boy games up to the Advance.

Wermy, as the creator is known on YouTube, also added X and Y buttons - taken from a SNES controller - to the front of the console. But best bit of all, games are loaded an old game cartridge that's been gutted and replaced with a micro-SD card reader.

Game Boy

The Raspberry Pi sticker emblazoned on the front gives the whole thing a real retro feel, and makes you appreciate just how far technology has come since the days of "The Brick".

A picture gallery breaks down the modification process, or you can see it being done in action in the video below.

Hugh Langley

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