Sony faces lawsuits over costly PSN data breach

Sony facing class action lawsuits following high-profile PSN hack
Sony facing class action lawsuits following high-profile PSN hack

Following the PR disaster that is the massive Sony PSN hack Sony is already facing a number of legal cases from groups of irate PlayStation fans across the globe.

Sony shares were down by nearly 5 per cent following the widespread publicity in both tech and mainstream media about the high-profile PlayStation Network hack.

Angry gamers demand answers

Sony CEO Howard Stringer or his deputy Kazuo Hirai have both refused to comment publicly on the PSN hack to date, angering gamers even further.

Michael Wang, manager of overseas funds at Sony shareholder Prudential Financials, told Reuters: "Gamers are angry that Sony's CEO hasn't come out to explain the situation and investors are disappointed over the company's corporate governance."

The cost to Sony of the PlayStation Network hack is already being estimated by some analysts to be in the region of $1.5 billion (£0.89 billion).

UK ICO investigates

Clearly, it is way too early to estimate the longer term costs incurred by the damage to the PlayStation brand and the loss of trust from gamers in the PSN service.

Sony is yet to comment on the latest class action cases being brought against the company.

Here in the UK, the Information Commissioner's Office has contacted Sony and is investigating whether the company is guilty of violating British laws pertaining to a company's responsibility to safeguard customers' private and personal data.

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