Rumour: NGP to be called 'Sony PlayStation Vita'

NGP - Sony rumoured to be considering Vita or Veta as potential names for new handheld

Sony is rumoured to be planning on calling its new handheld console - currently referred to as NGP (Next Generation Portable) - the Sony Vita.

Of course, rumours run rife in the games industry in the week prior to E3, as speculation about the new tech and marketing plans to be revealed by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo reaches fever pitch level.

Vita, Veta or something else?

The latest rumours that the new Sony handheld is to be called Vita are based on domain registrations for for and which were made back on April 20 through NetNames.

Joystiq also reports on a blog that had claimed to have a graphic showing the PS Vita, with the original blog post having since been removed.

And a number of other gaming blogs, such as Ripten, are also claiming that Vita is the final name, citing (those old favourites) their own "unnamed trusted sources close to the matter"…

Whatever the final name of Sony's new handheld turns out to be - and we'll know once and for all from Sony's E3 conference next Monday (6 June) - new reports claim that NGP is being viewed internally at Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) as Sony's "future platform" following the most recent rumours that PS4 hardware was in development.

A Sony spokesperson apparently informed Ripten that a recent reference to a "future platform" meant the NGP, which will see full reveal at E3.

Via Ripten