Not quite final Doom: Bethesda extends 'popular' free demo


Bethesda has decided that the Doom demo should stick around, after there's been plenty of interest in sampling the trial version.

Originally, the demo – which lets you blast your way through the game's first level – was only supposed to be available while the E3 show was in town last week, but the freebie is still around today. And apparently will be for the foreseeable, according to Bethesda.

A tweet from Doom's official Twitter account noted: "Due to popular demand, we're extending the #DOOM Demo!"

Demo duration

As to how long it will be kept on, no indication is given. Some have suggested that it would make sense to keep it as a permanent fixture, and while that seems like a good idea to us, the fact that Bethesda says it's 'extending' availability would suggest that this is still a temporary thing.

So if you've not tried the Doom reboot and want to give it a whirl and see what all the fuss is about, it might be an idea to grab the demo now (download it here).

In our review of the game, we dubbed it a remarkable achievement, mainly because it manages to capture what's so great about the classic Doom games, while bringing things forward into a contemporary gaming era and managing to avoid feeling old-fashioned.

The single player campaign is certainly much running-and-gunning, well-balanced blasting fun, although the multiplayer didn't tickle our fancy quite so much.

Via: PC Gamer

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