Nintendo DSi completely sells out in Japan

DSi sells out in Japan
DSi sells out in Japan

There were no (photographed) scenes of Nintendo fanboy and fangirl hysteria to accompany the Nintendo DSi launch in Japan over the weekend, although the firm has sold out of its initial retail allocation of 200,000 units in days.

No news as yet on when the US and Europe will see the DSi, though of course we hope that it is earlier in 2009 rather than later. TechRadar will of course bring you word on that as soon as we get it from Nintendo UK.

If you really cannot wait to play around with the new DSi camera or check out the new online store (in Japan, at least) then you are going to have to buy one on import for the time being, with units currently changing hands on eBay for just under £200 (nearly twice the Japanese RRP).

Here's a queue!

IGN did note that one Bic Camera shop in Ikebukuro had 400 people waiting outside – clearly one of the few stores that had not already sold its allocation on pre-order to customers.

100,000 more DSis are set to ship this week, so TechRadar hopes with baited breath that one of those will soon be making its way to us for thorough 'testing' (and showing off to mates, of course!).

The DSi is set to be region-locked – which basically means that UK gamers will only be able to download UK-specific content from the DSi shop when the console launches over here.

It is also a backhanded way for Nintendo to control the problem of DS piracy.

Adam Hartley