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Nintendo 3DS UK release date revealed

Nintendo 3DS shown off in Amsterdam
Nintendo 3DS shown off in Amsterdam

Nintendo showed off its brand-new handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, in rainy Amsterdam today and TechRadar was there to witness the European launch of the 3D gaming device.

It has been a long time coming for the Nintendo 3DS. It was first shown off at E3 2010 in June and was meant to come out in time for Christmas.

Santa came and went, however, and the 3DS didn't show. Skip to the middle of January 2011 and Nintendo has finally spilled the beans regarding a UK release date and pricing for the long-awaited handheld.

Screen saver

The Nintendo 3DS is equipped with two screens. While the bottom screen is a normal 3.02-inch touch panel, the upper screen is a slightly larger 3.53-inch display and uses lenticular technology which offers up the glasses-less 3D effect.

The screen resolution is 800x240 pixels, which is split equally as 400x240 pixels per eye.

At the event in Amsterdam, it was announced that 30+ games for the device will be in the shops between now and the next E3, which is in June.

They are all said to make great use of the 3D technology inside and include Street Fighter IV 3D .

Nintendo is obviously thinking that the 3DS is a game-changer, with Ninty's Laurent Fischer saying at the event: "We reinvented gaming with the touchscreen, and then again with the motion controller" before showing off the Nintendo 3DS and all its 3D loveliness.

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS UK release date will be 25 March 2011 and pricing is to be set by retailers but is expected to be round £220.

Currently, HMV has the UK price for the Nintendo 3DS - according to its Twitter status - set at £229.99, while Play is offering it at £219.99.

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