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Microsoft launches new Games for Windows Marketplace

Microsoft launches new Games for Windows Marketplace for fans of PC gaming
Microsoft launches new Games for Windows Marketplace for fans of PC gaming
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Microsoft has launched its new browser-based Games for Windows Marketplace, offering gamers a new way to download their favourite PC games.

The new Marketplace boasts a pared-down and user-friendly interface, with Live integration – so competitive types can keep track of their Gamerscore.

Deals on PC games

The new design highlights the deals of the week as well as the "DailyDeal", both of which are going to be key aspects of Microsoft's new offering.

Users can also choose to add Microsoft Points to their Gamertag (Windows Live ID) account, and to buy Games for Windows content.

Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc says that the new Games for Windows Marketplace "is streamlined to provide an easy way for PC gamers to discover, buy, and download their favorite games.

"Anyone can browse the marketplace, but to buy and download all you need to do is sign in with your Windows Live ID. The Games for Windows Marketplace integrates with Xbox LIVE so if someone signs in with the same Windows Live ID they use for Xbox LIVE, the Games for Windows Marketplace will display their Gamerscore and Xbox LIVE avatar at the top right."

Microsoft has over 100 game titles in the marketplace from the likes of Capcom, 2K Games, Square Enix, Activision and others.

Each publisher has its own bespoke Games for Windows Marketplace page for their games and news. Check out Activision's page for an example of how this is going to work.

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