Microsoft launches new 'Destination Arcade'

Microsoft launching new service to allow users to browse XBLA's treasure-trove of retro arcade gaming gems

In an attempt to boost the popularity of its Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) service, Microsoft has launched a new visual browser called 'Destination Arcade' to help you find those retro gaming gems on your 360.

With over 250 games already available to download (or test out for free) on XBLA – and new titles added on a weekly basis - it can be quite difficult to browse them all to dig out the ones that you might like to play.

This is where Destination Arcade comes in, allowing you to see and browse what's on offer far quicker than was previously possible with the somewhat clunky user interface.

Fun finding arcade gems

Xbox's Major Nelson explains that: "Destination Arcade will allow you to discover new games and content you enjoy through an easy-to-use visual browser. You'll have the ability to sort by price, community rating, and more!

"Also, stay up to date on the latest arcade releases through a news feed and also find out what games your friends like and recommend."

The options to be able to quickly see what your mates are playing and downloading, in addition to seeing which older XBLA titles are being offered at discount prices will both be very welcome additions to the service for Xbox-owning arcade fans.

The browser is launching on July 14, and will be initially only made available in the US, with no word from Microsoft on any plans to release it in the UK.

We've contacted Microsoft UK for updates on that front, to find out when British Xbox gamers will get access to this latest handy XBLA app. Stay tuned for updates on that front as and when we get them.

Via: Major Nelson