Wii Fit - A filthy dirty slippery danger?

Wii Fit is already a rip-roaring success in Japan and it’s bound to be equally as popular when it launches in Europe later this spring.

Techradar spoke with Nintendo reps in the UK today, who assured us that Wii Fit would be here "sometime in Q2" which, in normal terms, means sometime between the beginning of April and the end of June.

The latest Wii Fit peripheral in Japan is the Wii Fit Cover which is no doubt designed to avoid dirty feet stains and accidental slippage while you practise your yoga and stretching exercises each morning.

Take your shoes off

The software reminds users to take off their shoes before stepping on to the Wii Fit balance board, but what about the dangers of slippery, sweaty feet? Could we be seeing another round of ‘dangerous new Nintendo toy’ stories akin to those of the dangers of flying Wii Remotes?

Nintendo slippage?

Gavin Odgen, editor over on our sister site computerandvideogames.com, thinks not, telling us earlier: "Nintendo quickly issued stronger wrist straps for the Wii Remote after reports of people damaging objects by losing their grip. This is just a continuation of the company taking all the precautions it can to ensure people enjoy its products safely. If you're exercising you're going to sweat, and if you're barefooted, you'll slip,"

You’ll certainly not be slipping if you invest in one of these nifty Wii Fit covers, which currently retail for just over £10 in Japan.

Adam Hartley