Valve has finalised the Steam Controller

Valve Steam Controller
Could it possibly replace the keyboard and mouse?

Valve has been working hard on its Steam Controller and after several iterations it looks like the final design has been decided upon.

The Steam Controller is expected to launch alongside Valve's gaming-orientated Linux-based operating system SteamOS and a number of compact gaming PCs that have been designed for the living room, which had been previously known as Steam Machines.

Although there are similarities between the Steam Controller and more traditional console game controllers like the Xbox 360's gamepad, Valve also faced a number of design challenges when working on the controller.

Comfy couch gaming

The idea behind the Steam Controller was to allow its owners to comfortably play games that were designed for keyboard and mice, such as Real Time Strategy games, as well as providing a decent controller for more traditional console-like games.

The Steam Controller was originally revealed in September 2013, but since then the design has undergone a number of revisions.

According to Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski not only is the Steam Controller's design now finalised, but we'll see it as early as March at the Game Developers Conference.

Talking to GameSpot, Wasielewski said "[Valve] came out with the controller, then they got some user feedback, and they had to revamp it; they got some more user feedback and had to revamp it again. So they went through that like three or four times. And now their controller is finalized. So now they're going to production and at GDC is when they're going to announce more stuff."

The original reveal of the Steam Controller showed a device with touch-pads and haptic feedback, while the most recent added a four-point directional guide. We suspect this is close, if not exact, to the final design.

Via GameSpot

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