Top 12 gifts for Xbox 360 owners

Top 12 gifts for Xbox 360 owners
These are the gifts Xbox owners will thank you for

Getting the best Xbox gifts at Christmas can be a hard task, especially if you're shopping for the gamer that has all the latest titles. But it doesn't have to be that way, as there are loads of cool Xbox gifts for every type of gamer.

There are tonnes of Xbox 360 accessories which make gaming easier, keep peripherals charged, and even open up areas of the Xbox experience that they've never been able to exploit.

So call off the search and put your feet up, as we've found 12 of the best accessories and cool Xbox gifts, so you don't have to.

1. Kinect, $110


Kinect has been a huge success, and there's a good range of games out now, so there'll be something to satisfy anyone. If you've been living on another planet the last couple of years, then let us explain the appeal: Kinect lets you play a range of games using your body to control your character, much like the Wii, but without any actual controllers.

It's an amazingly futuristic way to play games, and you'll be astonished at how accurate it can be. The only possible downside is that it needs quite a big space to work - unless you pick up the Nyko Zoom, that is. This add-on lets Kinect work in a much smaller area, so is great for bedrooms or small living rooms.

2. Microsoft Media Remote, $20

Microsoft Media Remote

Microsoft has been making big strides to turn the Xbox into a fully fledged entertainment centre, with HD movies rentals, iPlayer, Netflix, Sky and other services – but you're still stuck controlling your videos with the normal Xbox pad. The makes it a little easier, giving you the controls you need a more familiar package.

3. 4Gamers Play and Charge kit, $20

4Gamers charger

Any Xbox 360 owner will know the pain of running out of AA batteries in their controller. Save them the inconvenience of interrupted sessions, and the environmental impact of wasted AA batteries by buying a charging pack. They can even play and charge simultaneously, so there's no need to come out of their room on Christmas Day to watch The Great Escape.

4. Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel, $40

Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel

If you're going to enjoy the likes of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Forza Horizon to their fullest, the Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel is a great choice. It may not have quite the precision of a fixed wheel, but it offers the same convenience as the normal wireless Xbox controllers.

5. Gioteck AC-1 USB Ammo Clip, $20

Gioteck ammo clip

There's something a bit clever about this charging kit, and we're not talking about its cool metal jacket. Opened, it can charge two controllers when plugged into a USB port. Once you're done, close it up and it folds into a box about the size of an Xbox game case, so it can slot next to your games and stay hidden.

6. Microsoft Wireless Headset with Bluetooth, $40

Microsoft Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

The more active gamer might enjoy the convenience of a wireless headset more than a pair of beefy cans, and this makes the perfect stocking filler. The headset looks like a Bluetooth mobile type sported by city types in Starbucks, but means there will be no tangled cables in the pursuit of Xbox Live domination.