Sony drops PS4 price to £299 in time for Christmas

PS4 - price drop

Sony has slashed the price of the PS4 to £299 in the UK as it looks to tempt the console hold-outs to upgrade to the next-gen.

The Japanese giant is still battling away with Microsoft for gamers' hearts and minds, and the decision to lower the recommended retail price will no doubt prove to be a popular one - unless you just forked out more for one recently of course.

"If you haven't made the jump to the next-gen yet then we have some good news for you," said Sony in its blog announcing the price drop.

There are, of course, likely to be some fairly decent bundles with the best games around, with the major retailers likely to reflect the cuts pretty quickly.

And if you're buying/wanting one for Christmas then it couldn't have been better timed. It's as if they know...

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