Second-hand Xbox One games to be near full price?

Second-hand Xbox One games to be near full price?
Gamers are already getting defensive

The Xbox One's launch might have shown us a bit more than the PS4's in terms of hardware, but the question over how it will tackle used games is yet to get a proper answer.

But according to ConsoleDeals, which got its information from a "senior employee" at one of the UK's largest gaming stores, game retailers will be forced to sell second hand games at no more than 10% less than the RRP, giving buyers a second "licence" to access the content.

Microsoft told TechRadar that beyond what it had already stated, it would not comment further on the specifics of its used-game policy.

Treading on X-shells

After the Xbox One launch event, there was a lot of speculation over whether gamers would be able to trade used titles on the next gen platform, and whether a charge would be incurred for doing so.

We do know that when you buy a game you will have to enter a one-time code that locks the game to your Xbox Live account. This means that you'll need to be signed into the same account if you take a game to a friend's house.

If this "leak" is to be believed, Microsoft is likely to have a fight with gamers on its hands. We expect we'll get full clarification at this year's E3.

We've contacted a few other game stores to see if this information has been heard elsewhere, and will update if we hear more.

All the game trailers from the Xbox One reveal can be found in the video below:

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