Nintendo Wii HD will be 'dominant console'

Wii HD - like the Wii but in... you get the idea
Wii HD - like the Wii but in... you get the idea

An analyst is predicting that Nintendo will continue to be the dominant console manufacturer for the next two years, and that an HD version of the Wii is on the cards.

Speaking to Edge Online Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said about his predictions: "We expect the dominant console at the end of the this cycle to be the Wii, as we think that the console's low price point, innovative control mechanism, and compatibility with standard definition televisions will provide it with a competitive advantage over the next two years."

He then goes on to say that in this time an HD version of the console will appear.

Sony in second

As for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, Sony will finally hit second spot but will have to wait a heck of a long time to do it: "The PS3 will capture significant market share, primarily due to Sony's victory in the high definition DVD format war, and will end up in second place by 2015," explains Pachter.

By this time – and it is a rather long time – Pachter thinks the Xbox would have slipped into third place, noting: "[While] Microsoft's Xbox 360 enjoyed a first mover advantage, we think that its market position will fade to third place due to lack of penetration in Japan."

So, there you have it. The crystal ball has spoken. TechRadar is hoping, however, that by 2015, some shiny new consoles would have replaced the now-gen efforts of today.

Via Electric Pig and Edge Online

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