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More evidence points to a 2015 Oculus Rift release date

Oculus Rift
The new Crescent Bay prototype is the best version of Oculus to date

Forget Half Life 3, it's a commercial release of the Oculus Rift that PC gamers most covet.

And it's now looking ever more likely that we'll get what we want at some point in 2015.

Oculus Rift co-founder and CEO Brendan Iribe has been chatting to Bloomberg, revealing that the Rift will hit the shelves "pretty soon," adding it would be in "more than a few months" but "less than a few years".

Iribe says that Oculus is happy with its VR technology and is now focussing on improving the equally challenging aspect of comfort - clearly if you want to be fully immersed in a virtual reality environment, having an hot, heavy and sweaty box strapped to your face won't an immersive experience make.

"We want to make sure that when you do buy an Oculus in the future, that it is a comfortable experience," he said in the interview. "It's probably going to be a little bit big, it's going to be ski goggles form factor in the beginning, it's not going to be sunglasses for awhile, but we want it to be comfortable."

A 2015 Oculus Rift release certainly tallies with the information we've been getting from our sources who say there will be an initial Google Glass-style public beta next summer before a full-on release.

And if you're wondering how much you need to save, Oculus' other co-founder, Nate Mitchell, recently hinted that the Rift's launch price would be somewhere between $200 and $400.

via PC Gamer

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