First unofficial PS4 price cut makes console a neat £100 cheaper than Xbox One

First unofficial PS4 price cut makes console a neat 100 cheaper than Xbox One

Those gamers who adopted a wait-and-see attitude rather than snapping up a Sony PS4 console on launch can afford themselves a little smile following the first, unofficial price cut.

Online retailer GameStop UK has become the first outlet on this side of the Atlantic to knock a few bob off, less than three months after it went on sale.

The firm's £20 discount, which is believed to be unsanctioned by Sony, makes the console £329 - down from £349.

That's cut makes the PS4 a full £100 cheaper than the asking price for the Xbox One, although similar £20 discounts are available at UK retailers like Zavvi and The Hut.

No frills, plenty of thrills

Naturally, GameStop's offering comes with few frills. The £329 bundle contains the console, the controller, and connectivity essentials, but nothing else.

Will the £20 saving be enough to lure you into a PS4 purchase? Or will the next-gen have to fall below £300 before you jump on board. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Via Eurogamer