£300 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle UK release date: 10 November

Kinect - changing the game(r)?
Kinect - changing the game(r)?

Microsoft has officially announced its first Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, with the innovative sensor, Kinect Adventures and the new 250GB Xbox 360 console priced at £299.99 and arriving on 10 November.

At just a penny less than £300, the Kinect bundle represents Microsoft's first real push for the family market with its child-friendly Kinect controller-free technology.

The impressive new kit makes for a radical different gaming experience, and will be taking aim at rival Nitnendo's Wii and the Sony PlayStation Move.

UK release date

With a UK release date of 10 November, the bundle includes the new Xbox 360 console, with its built in Wi-Fi, 250GB HDD and a sleeker design.

"Set up controller-free entertainment in your home with the glossy black 250GB console that boasts 802.11n built-in Wi-Fi, an internal removable 250GB hard drive and touch sensitive controls, states Microsoft.

"Plug in the Kinect Sensor to the dedicated port on the console and load Kinect Adventures where you can float in outer space, experience the thrill of roaring rapids and tackle mountaintop obstacle courses.

"Enjoy controller-free fun with any of the more than 15 games launching with Kinect and experience new ways to enjoy your favourite entertainment."

So, is £300 a price point that will entice families to buy into Microsoft's console and Kinect? Only time will tell.

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