How to: install Linux on your PlayStation 3

Copy it to the root of the USB keydrive as well, remove the drive, and plug it into the PS3. Next, make a DVD of the Fedora Core 5 ISO file. Use the slowest speed possible for the DVD burning software you use, such as 2X.

Then eject and insert that disc in the PS3. Your PS3 will now boot up into the XMB.

3.Install Linux
On the PS3, navigate to the System, System Settings, Format Utility menu. Create a new partition where you allocate 10GB of space to Linux.

Go back to the System Settings menu and select the Install Other OS option. Click Yes at the prompt. The PS3 will automatically find and load the kboot bootloader from the USB drive; confirm the install.

Now go back to System Settings once again and select the Default System option and select Other OS and confirm. The PS3 will reboot and start the Linux kernel. At the kboot prompt, type: install-fc sda

This will start the Fedora Core 5 installer. Follow the prompts for the well-know install process.

Note: If your PS3 continually reboots or refuses to install Fedora, there are a few things to verify. On your PS3, make sure that you are running the very latest XMB version. When you burn the Fedora Core 5 disc, use the slowest speed possible and verify the burn.

Finally, you can try using the Yellow Dog Fedora version of the distro, packaged into one simple ISO download, and available here.

Fedora is obviously one of the most common distros, and you can easily download any package you want including MythTV, music recording software, alternative browsers, and games.

You can use just about any keyboard and mouse with the distro, including the Logitech G5 models we tested.

Of all the devices we tested for Linux installation, the PS3 is easily the most forgiving if you decide you want to go back to the original OS.

First, turn off the PS3, then – when you turn it on – hold down the power-on button (the one with the red light) for five seconds until you hear a beep. This will then reset the PS3 and start the XMB so that you can start playing Grand Theft Auto 4 again!