Future Pokemon games could all link to Pokemon Go

The buzz around Pokémon Go might have dropped down a notch but there's plenty more Pokémon on the way, gaming fans – and future titles could all link back to Niantic's smash hit of 2016.

The upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games for 3DS won't be among them, as they were already too far down the development line when Pokémon Go hit, but Sun and Moon producer and director Junichi Masuda wants to see it happen eventually.

Masuda says he'd be in favour of some kind of "connectivity" between Pokémon games on iOS, the 3DS and beyond – "some way [Pokémon] games can interact" and share progress between different platforms.

Hitting the gym

In other words, stay tuned. If Junichi Masuda (who also worked on the mechanics for Pokémon Go) thinks there should be tighter integration between the games, you can bet it's somewhere on the drawing board.

Sun and Moon, which are the first two instalments in a new generation of Pokémon role-playing games, are due out for the 3DS on 23 November in Europe and on 18 November for the rest of the world.

Pokémon Go, meanwhile, doesn't seem to be pulling in the same kind of user numbers as it did in its heyday. At least if a sequel's on its way, you might have a chance of porting across your progress – all those hours might not be lost.

David Nield
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