Facebook dark mode has been spotted on Android devices – check yours now

Facebook dark mode
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In what may have been an accidental glimpse into the future, a screenshot has emerged that appears to show Facebook's forthcoming dark mode in action on a Pixel device.

As PhoneArena reports, a screenshot shared on Reddit towards the end of August shows how one user, The-Respawner managed to grab an image of Facebook entering dark mode on their phone.

Considering the popularity of dark modes, it is surprising that Facebook has taken so long to get involved. While some of its apps and services – such as Facebook Messenger for Windows, and WhatsApp – have embrace the eye and battery saving qualities of dark theme options, the main Facebook app are lagging behind.

Of course Facebook is working on bringing dark mode to mobile users – it would be crazy not too – but many people are starting to get impatient and would like to know what it is going to look like, as well as when it might appear.

Now you see it...

Thanks to this new screen grab, we may have a pretty good idea. It seems, however, that the arrival of dark mode in Facebook's Android app was either a test, a glitch or a mistake. As quickly as the darker hue arrived, they vanished. But The-Respawner is not alone. Other users have started to report the appearance of dark mode in their Facebook app too.

On Twitter, Nagesh Bande shared another screenshot of Facebook in dark mode. He does not say which device the screenshot was taken on, nor reveal whether dark mode was a temporary or permanent option:

Another Twitter user, Lock, shared a further screenshot showing off dark mode:

While the image shared on Reddit is now a couple of months old, the sudden appearance of more recent dark mode screenshots online suggests that Facebook has made a good deal of progress, and the option could well be on the verge of a wider rollout.

We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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