Ensure an issue-free iOS 11 update with PhoneRescue

Although iOS 11 is finally here in the flesh, we recognize the bumps in the road that can take precedence over a seamless install. Coming from iOS 10, a perfectly fine Apple operating system as it is, some would argue that the upgrade to iOS 11 isn’t worth the risk.

After all, it’s not uncommon during updates to see iPhones and iPads freeze in recovery mode, on the Apple logo or even just a plain black screen. Sometimes they even get stuck on a reboot loop, wherein the phone is constantly restarting but never actually boots onto your lockscreen. In other cases, you might lose some of your precious files or apps during the process. 

 PhoneRescue: The iOS 11 device owner’s best friend 

Despite the hazards, we’re willing to argue that – so long as you’re equipped with the proper recovery method – you can feel safe in your move to Apple’s latest. Of the best options you’ll find in the way of contingency plans is PhoneRescue, a piece of data recovery software from iMobie that aims to rectify any, and all, of these aforementioned issues in a single click. 

 Of course, you’ll need a Mac or a Windows PC on-hand, since your iPhone or iPad clearly isn’t up to the task. You can download PhoneRescue here, and try it out for free as part of a trial. Once you’ve successfully installed PhoneRescue, simply launch the software and you’ll be presented with four recovery mode options, each of which is designed for a specific use case.  

 PhoneRescue: The four key recovery methods 

The first of these is the option to recover data from [an] iOS device. To carry it out, your phone has to a) work properly and b) be detectable by the program. So, obviously, your phone can’t be frozen or stuck on loop. Instead, this recovery mode is intended for iPhone and iPad users who have experienced missing data upon upgrading to iOS 11.  

If you’ve noticed an absence of photos, apps or anything else you had stored locally on your phone’s internal storage prior to the move to iOS 11, this is the mode you’ll want to take advantage of. After connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or Windows computer, this mode can be used to retrieve any recently, albeit accidentally, expunged data. 

The second recovery mode featured in PhoneRescue lets you recover from [an] iTunes backup. Common scenarios that cause users to resort to this option include ownership of a device that: has been dinged or misplaced, fails to sync with or connect to iTunes and even a recent reset to factory settings.

You should only rely on an iTunes recovery if your iPhone or iPad is no longer in working condition and you’ve conducted at least one backup of your iOS device through iTunes. Otherwise, there is no use in attempting this recovery method.

Next up, if your iPhone or iPad is missing and you’ve performed at least one iCloud backup before, PhoneRescue also gives you the choice to recover from iCloud. This option is best suited for those individuals, with their Apple ID login info on-hand, whose devices are all operating on stable network connections.  

Last but not least, PhoneRescue also comes with a set of iOS repair tools for when desperate times call for desperate measures.  

When you’re upgrading to iOS 11, for instance, you might experience your iPhone or iPad failing to boot past an Apple logo or black screen. Thanks to PhoneRescue’s iOS repair tools, however, you never have to worry about losing your device (or the data inside it). Both physical and digital, your possessions are safe with PhoneRescue. 

PhoneRescue: 5.7 million devices saved – and still counting 

As you can tell by this point, whatever the case may be, PhoneRescue makes data recovery on your iOS devices a breeze – just in time for iOS 11. Having saved over 5.7 million devices in its lifespan, iMobie boasts a service that’s just as functional as it is secure. Plus, it’s compellingly priced too. 

Unlike a lot of software these days, after your trial is up, iMobie doesn’t charge per month for its PhoneRescue services. 

Rather, a single license can be redeemed for a lifetime’s use on one computer for just $49.99. What’s more, for only 10 bucks extra, you can use PhoneRescue across two different computers at $59.99. Finally, for $69.99, you can shell out for the five-computer Family License that iMobie offers. 

Still, amid all of this, the best news is that PhoneRescue comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Not that you’ll be disappointed, but if after up to 60 days you realize PhoneRescue isn’t for you, iMobie promises a 100% and unconditional full refund. Now, knowing it’s completely risk-averse, you can give PhoneRescue a whirl with your iOS 11 devices today. 

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